How The Personal Injury Lawyers of Howard Sussman Work For You

As the founding partner of the Law Offices of Howard Sussman I have learned that two of the most important things we can do for our clients is to make sure that we listen to what you are communicating to us and spend the necessary time to prepare your cases to make so that we can reach a successful outcome. How many times have you been frustrated in your life when a person that you hire for a job spends more time talking about how successful they are instead of trying to find out what your goals and needs include? At the Law Offices of Howard Sussman we concentrate on what is important in your life, what you have lost in being a victim of someone else’s negligence and what needs you have in order to recover from your loss. Once we identify your losses, needs and goals we can focus on developing and preparing your for settlement or trial.

How We Prepare Your Personal Injury Case For Settlement Or Trial

As experienced personal l injury attorneys we visualize ourselves from the beginning of our work for you to the day we may be standing in front of a jury in order to try your case. Accordingly, we consider what Minnesota Jury Instructions will be used when a jury deliberates about your verdict and we try to develop the necessary evidence to win your case. For example, in representing our clients who have been injured in car collisions we try to secure statements and evidence from witnesses to the car crash as soon as possible so we can meet our burden of proof that the other driver is responsible for the car accident. We will direct our investigators to locate witnesses so that statements can be obtained. When necessary we will also hire other professionals such as Accident Reconstruction Specialists to perform the required background work in proving how a motor vehicle collision occurred so that that we can win your case.

How We Determine Your Damages

In order to win at trial, or to reach a successful settlement, for you it is critical to have accurate and convincing medical evidence to present about your injuries, medical treatment and future needs. There are many qualified medical providers in our community, but it is extremely important for you to treat with a physician that will support you as their patient in a contested personal injury claim. Well documented medical evaluations, an accurate diagnosis of your injuries and carefully determined treatment plans. Likewise, it is necessary to document your financial harms resulting from your injury in terms of past and future medical expenses as well as past and future income loss.

Interviewing people

you work with and obtaining your financial documents is critical in being able to tell your story to others, whether this involves convincing an insurance adjusters, opposing lawyers, judges or a jury about the merits of your case.

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